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United Cultures History the movement started with love thing artist management in Amsterdam the Netherland in 1995 by Mr. A. Fikri and Mr. Stolwijk, to connect cultures by organizing cultural events. In Ibiza, love thing artist management changed the name to the Ibiza beach movement and organized some events with Tribe in Ibiza and Amsterdam the events continued in Paris with Dj David & Guetta more than 5,000 people from all over the world came to Paris to attend Ibiza cultural event.

In London, the movement took a different direction after speaking with Magazine Moving Pictures (Twenty Century Fox). Ibiza beach movement changed its name to movie movement ltd. movie movement ltd. and Magazine Moving Pictures organized the closing event in Cannes in 1999 at the beautiful Chateau de la Napoule at the Cannes Film Festival in 1999. In this event, Mr. Fikri did meet Mr. Klemeniuk, one of the owners of the Manray Restaurant in Paris France, who asked to continue the movement in Manray with other owners stars such as Mr. Johnny Depp, Mr. Mick Hucknall, Mr. Sean Penn, and Mr. John Malkovitch.

Due to European unification, Mr. Fikri developed the movement in an I.AM.E.C. (I AM European Culture) with the aim of helping the European Union to create a European identity and promote integration between 27 countries and all cultures living in Europe. The I.AM.E.C project was not progressing in the Netherlands, so A. Fikri decided to move to Paris to move the I.AM.E.C. project further. Mr. Fikri then met William Perkins of the Honoris Causa Communication company, a top producer, who wanted to continue the Movement project but didn't have the finances to produce it.

Once arrived in Dubai, a change of direction. Mr. Fikri changed the name of I.AM.E.C to Culturolympics because it was in a another continent. In Dubai, Mr. Fikri did meet Mr. Ziminejadi of Alliance Corporations. Mr. Ziminejadi liked the idea and wanted to build a city under the name Culturolympics. Mr. Ziminejadi told Mr. Fikri the best place to build this city is in Abu Dhabi.

Mr. Fikri did say why not, and made an appointment with the Director of Strategy & Policy of Dubai. In the meeting, I did speak about the Culturolympics project. Mr. Tabani liked the idea of the Culturolympics project and city and did say this is totally in the vision of Dubai, so Mr. Tabani offered an investment.

Mr. Fikri did ask Mr. Tabani for an of 400 million euros to start the project. Mr. Tabani counter-question was which countries and institutions are supporting the Culturolympics plan. Mr. Fikri was unable to answer because Mr. Fikri had developed the project Culturolympics himself, and just started, so it was not possible to show countries and institutions support, so Mr. Fikri decided to call Mr. Perkins. Mr. Fikri received an invitation to visit the Honoris Causa Communication office in Paris France.

Together with the production companies, Honoris Causa Communication and Barocco transformed the large project Culturolympics project into Culturolympics Europa for continent Europe later other continents will follow on a global scale. Honoris Causa Communication had contacted the French State, Mr. Pacohill Berenguer. Mr. Pacohill Berenguer made an appointment with then the President of France Mr. Sarkozy because the Culturolympics Europe project is fully in line with the Union's vision for the Mediterranean project of then the President Mr. Sarkozy.

At the same time, Barocco Production Company contacted UNESCO Secretary of the French National Commission, Mr. Pierre Boyer. Mr. Pierre Boyer wanted to set up the entire organizational infrastructure per country for Culturolympics Europe. Then our French partners did receive a letter from the President of the Olympic Games, Mr. Rogge, followed that the name Culturolympics should not be used. The French production companies then ceased their cooperation. The meeting with then-President of France Mr. Sarkozy was canceled. To his surprise, in 2010 Country Canada launched the project Culturolympis under a different name Cultural Olympiad at the 2010 Winter Games.

Mr. Fikri did contact Ernst Young an accountancy firm in the Netherlands to become a financial partner, Ernst Young agreed to become a partner and created governance in and legal structure in which the interest of the different Extern shareholder’s participants are embedded.

Mr. Fikri as very disappointed went back to the Netherlands and changed the name Culturolympics to United Cultures. Mr. Fikri contacted a major player in events and finance. Entertainment Group (TEG) owned by singer Mr. Borsato, Mr. Van den Boog, Mr. Vermeulen, Mr. Brinks, and Mr. Glorie to manage and become the central control group for all the United Cultures projects that Mr. Fikri had developed in recent years. Entertainment Group accepted to become central control group.

Mr. Fikri did then ask the French partners to support Mr. Borsato film White Light was brought to the Cannes Film Festival. This film won the title of "Best Foreign Language Film". The Entertainment Group indicated to invest millions, which unfortunately they went bankrupt did not take place.

Mr. Fikri was invited by cultural councilors who work in different municipalities or cultural institutions in the Netherlands to travel with them to the European Parliament. To speak about integration with the president of the European Union, but the president of the European Union did not show up and they did not get the answers they came for.

Mr. Fikri did ask the cultural councilors to join the United Cultures Foundation to become a Cultural Inter Governing body an administrative body for all cultures to make a difference. United Cultures Foundation started to organize promo tradeshow events that connect four couturiers from four countries to develop two “Hope Couture” creations. The chosen couturiers were from The Netherlands Mr. Ronald Klok, Morocco couture Mrs. Rajae El Ktibi, France Mr. Eymeric François and Turkey Ms. Nej Nejla Guvenc. United Cultures Foundation invited external stakeholders and representatives, ministers of cultures, embassies, universities, cultural institutions, organizations, companies, artists, and cultural artists to support us. The External shareholders and representatives started to send us letters to support and express their commitment and wanted to join the United Cultures Foundation vision to become an Inter Governing body.

Our next United Cultures Tradeshow event will be held in 2023 in Marrakech Morocco. In the tradeshow event, United Cultures Foundation (Inter Governing body) will connect external shareholders and representatives from member states, with cultural designers from the tradeshow to connect, develop and produce, the United Cultures products for member states economies.



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