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Intergovernmental Body

The United Cultures Intergovernmental Body will be the administrative body for all cultures. Different member states and representatives have already expressed their commitment to the United Cultures. The United Cultures Intergovernmental Body will further be developed with various embassies, universities, cultural institutions and representatives of different cultures, top artists, organizations, companies and NGOs.

United Cultures Intergovernmental Body

• Serves as a support platform by disseminating, sharing and supporting: arts, culture, education. This is accomplished using economical and sustainable initiatives by international communities.
• Serves as an international (digital) network with portals for sharing knowledge and proven practices for the arts and culture. It delivers educational, economical and sustainable projects aligned with the mission and goals of United Cultures.
• Provides a forum for organizations, companies, universities, governments, educational institutions, NGO’s, representatives from various disciplines of arts, cultures and individuals.
• Organizes exclusive international network meetings intended for directors and members of cultural and creative industries.
• Organizes international art and cultural festivals for the general public.
• Aligns worldwide companies to cooperate with governments and international cultural organizations.
• Organizes international conferences aligned with the goals, the mission and the vision of the United Cultures. The United Cultures delivers approvals, support, cooperation, memberships and treaties.


7 Pillars of Intergovernmental body

1. United Cultures Social Infrastructures (UC-SI)
United Cultures Centers will be the platform where universities, representatives of cultures, NGO’s, embassies, local top artists, cultural institutions, organizations and companies come together to develop economical projects for the middle class of each culture living in counties or regions. Every 5 years a United Cultures City will be built somewhere in the world. In 2025, the first United Cultures City will be built in a member state or region to connect all cultures in counties and regions to develop 269 + economical projects. The headquarters of the United Cultures will be located in the United Cultures city. In the United Cultures City, all Ministers of Culture and representatives of the 269 member states and regions will be representing their cultures. Every five years, the Ministers of Culture or representatives will form a United Cultures council. They will represent their member state or region and deliberate over cultural problems. Joint solutions will be being sought. Cultural institutions and NGO’s will form an advisory board.


In the next five years the United Cultures will hire 22.000+ people worldwide to support 1000+ cultures in 269 member states and regions. The United Cultures has the purpose to develop economical projects with different cultures for their country or regions to encourage economic grow. (This will generate work for millions of people worldwide).

Since 2015 it has become a foundation, association, cooperation and companies are focused on the mutual goal to create a cultural government a cultural society that has the aim to bring cultural misunderstanding to light and solve them. We purpose to support cultures worldwide, unhindered by national borders to achieve its ideals. The United Cultures construct a structure of companies, foundations and associations until we reach our goal.



Search Engine

Through the search engine you can find information about how many cultures exist in the world by country or region. What are their traditions, commodities and how their economy is driven by who and what are now developing. Where cultures come from and where do they go? How many subcultures there are in a country or region?

Online University

Everyone is entitled to studies to realize their dreams. Everyone of all ages access to online studies at any level. To develop further in life and a bit to contribute to the community.


A cultural role in shaping the world of cultures. Strive for perfection and simultaneous promotion of all interests. We need ambitious determined, entrepreneur who are willing to join United Cultures to support our worldwide projects. Because of our projects we will establish ourselves as a leading cultural economy of the world. Get in touch with us today.

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